VMETRO Phoenix M6000 VXS Intelligent I/O Controller

The Phoenix M6000 VXS (VITA-41), from VMETRO, is an intelligent I/O controller with dual PMC/XMC. Phoenix is a family of innovative products designed to enable system solutions for real-time multi-processors with high-speed serial communications. Being VXS enabled, the Phoenix M6000 can easily integrate into VMETRO’s existing Phoenix VXS systems to provide an embedded system controller (with a PowerPC 440SP CPU), intelligent PMC/XMC carrier, or high-performance data recording blade.

VMETRO Phoenix M6000 VXS (VITA-41) intelligent I/O controllerThe Phoenix M6000 is optimized for moving data making it ideal for performance embedded applications where high data throughput is essential. Such applications include military and aerospace intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance like ELINT, COMINT, SIGINT, SAR (radar), MTI and SDR, including numerous recording applications. With support for 133MHz PCI-X and x8 PCI Express, the M6000 can move data at over 800MB/sec from the PMC sites to memory, making it one of the highest performance I/O carrier boards on the market.

XMC module support for the Phoenix M6000 already includes the VMETRO SFM, a quad Serial-FPDP XMC, and the AdvancedIO(TM) Systems V1020, a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) XMC with intelligent protocol acceleration and a FPGA for real-time packet processing. AdvancedIO and VMETRO worked together to integrate the V1020 onto the M6000 to enable 10GbE in embedded applications in a simple and straight forward manner.

Software support for the M6000 includes a VxWorks 6.2 BSP and a Linux 2.6 distribution. FPGA firmware development support for the Phoenix M6000 is provided by TransComm, VMETRO’s FPGA communications toolbox aimed at real-time FPGA-centric data communications.

Phoenix M6000 Features:

  • Dual XMC sites with x8 PCI Express connections
  • Dual PMC sites with support for PCI-X up to 133MHz
  • VXS Interface implemented using the Xilinx Virtex(TM)- 4 FX FPGA
  • AMCC PowerPC 440SP processor (VxWorks and Linux)
  • Dual 4Gb/s Fibre Channel ports
  • 320 MB/s 2eSST VME interface
  • 256 MB high-speed streaming memory
  • On-board PCI Express switch for optimal data flow
  • Ruggedized versions available

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