AXIOMTEK GOT Touch Panel Computers

AXIOMTEK offers a series of GOT (Graphic Operator Terminal) systems that complements its fanless touch panel computer product line. The new 10.4″ and 12.1″ fanless touch panel computers embrace mutual major traits including a slim modern design, wide temperature support (-20°C to +55°C), high brightness (600 nits) LCD, and anti-vibration (1.3G). With their high performance and many outstanding features, users can easily install and set up the systems almost anywhere and are used mostly in food & beverage, chemical factory, and transportation applications.

AXIOMTEK’s new GOT-3120 fanless panel computers supports extended temperatures, from -20°C to +55°C. The new GOT-3100 features high brightness (600 nits) LCD displays. The panel computers are shock and vibration test approved at 1.3G (5~500Hz) in operation mode with HDD’s and with a super slim design are perfect for limited space environments. Additionally, in response to customer’s requests for wireless applications, these fanless panel computers have a reserved Mini PCI slot and an optional rotational WLAN antenna (IEEE 802.11b/ 802.11g) for wireless network connections. By simply plugging in the Mini PCI WLAN card, users have instant access to a wireless LAN.

The GOT-3128T and GOT-3108T are designed for food & beverage applications. The front bezels are stainless type 304 and fit the NEMA 4X standard and are equipped with 12.1″ and 10.4″ TFT LCD displays, respectively. The new 12.1″ TFT fanless touch panel computer, the GOT-3128T, supports an ultra low voltage Intel(R) Celeron(R) M 1GHz processor and adopts unique extended temperature technology. With a 350 nit LCD display and wide temperature range support from -20°C to +55°C, it is perfect for harsh environments. The GOT-3108T is designed for outdoor use. It is equipped with a high brightness 600 nit 10.4″ TFT LCD; furthermore, with its NEMA 4X compliant stainless front bezel, it can be placed in outdoor and parking lot applications.

The GOT-3100T and GOT-3120T adopt an IP65 aluminum front bezel for harsh environments. Powered by ultra low power consumption Intel(R) Celeron(R) M 1GHz processors, these fanless panel computers are equipped with 10.4″ and 12.1″ SVGA TFT high brightness LCD displays. The GOT-3100T is a sunlight readable model with a 600nit LCD and the GOT-3120T supports wide temperature ranges for a variety of industry needs including control platforms on ships, building automation, and more.

The GOT-3100TL and GOT-3120TL are specially made for cost-effective solutions. The GOT-3100TL is an economical version compared with the GOT-3100T. It equipped with a 250nit 10.4-inch SVGA TFT LCD display and embedded ultra low power consumption Intel(R) Celeron(R) M 600MHz CPU. The GOT-3120TL supports an operating temperature range from 0°C to 50°C. Due to their ultra low power design, they offer a fanless operation mode for a variety of industry needs including transportation, parking field surveillance, and more.

The fanless panel computers provide a fuse to protect the system from being damaged by over-voltage. Other powerful I/O features include Fast Ethernet, watchdog timer, audio, high speed USB 2.0 port, Mini PCI, VGA, and CompactFlash(TM) which are qualified to satisfy customer’s demands. Additionally they support varied operating systems and embedded OS including Windows(R) 2000/XP, Windows(R) CE.NET, Windows(R) XPe, and Linux.

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