Renesas SH7652 Microcontroller

The Renesas’ SH7652 microcontroller is a 200MHz SuperH(R) family device with an on-chip Ethernet controller. It is the industry’s first to incorporate both copyright protection function for IP broadcasting and the Digital Transmission Contents Protection Over Internet Protocol (DTCP-IP) copyright protection standard for in-home distribution. The new device enables simultaneous transmission of two-channel High-Definition (HD) digital content over the network, ideal for digital audio-visual and office automation products that feature built-in networking functions.

At 200 MHz, the SH7652 32-bit superscalar microcontroller offers 480 MIPS (million instructions per second) of CPU performance and abundant processing power to handle both content protection and encryption/decryption functions for IP Broadcasting and DTCP-IP. The SH7652 features an IEEE-802.3 standard compliant media access controller (MAC) interface that supports connection speeds of up to 10/100Mbps and allows simultaneous transmission of two-channel HD digital content. The two-channel video stream port allows high-speed transfer of MPEG-2 TS (Transport Stream) and MPEG-2 PS (Program Stream) format data. The video stream port allows an easy interface to an MPEG-2 encoder/decoder chip, facilitating high speed network transmission of MPEG-2 TS format video data. The on-chip hardware encryption block enables high-speed encryption of content data, allowing HD digital content to be transmitted over the network with ease.

An impressive array of on-chip peripherals and interfaces such as a High-Speed compliant USB 2.0 host/function and SD memory card host interface allow seamless connections to a memory card and wireless LAN modules. Audio support is provided through the Serial Sound Interface (SSI) for playback of MP3, WMA (Windows Media(R) Audio), and other audio formats.

The SH7652 can be easily integrated into a multiprocessor system with its on-chip host interface. The SH7652 communicates with the host CPU using a 16-bit SRAM like memory interface that provides a simple handshake for connection with the host system. CPU tasks associated with copyright protection and network processing can thus be independently handled by the SH7652 microcontroller without imposing a burden on the host CPU, simplifying the overall development process.

A comprehensive range of peripheral functions is also incorporated into the sophisticated SH7652 device, including a hardware accelerator that performs TCP/IP checksum computations automatically without software intervention. The SH7652 handles error-correction and encryption/decryption functions for content protection in firmware, which is provided with the device. The device also supports WM DRM10 copyright protection.

The 200MHz 240-pin CSP (13mm x 13mm) SH7652 superscalar microcontroller will be available in January 2007 for $17.

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