New on EDA Blog – 2006.12.15

  • Business and Consumer IP Phones to Accelerate
    Even though the adoption of IP phones is currently lagging, the growth of IP phones will accelerate significantly in 2008, according to In-Stat. The mass migration to IP-based services is occurring in both the business and consumer markets.
  • Industry Forecast Seminar
    Future Horizons will be holding its annual semiconductor Industry Forecast Seminar (IFS) on Tuesday, January 30th in London. The IFS summarizes and presents the research of Future Horizons, Europe’s leading semiconductor industry analyst. IFS attendees will receive copies of all the material presented in both binder and CD-ROM format.
  • TI Outsources 65nm Device to UMC
    Over on the Chipworks Technology Insider Blog is an interesting post about the TI’s baseband processor for the Nokia 2610 GSM handset. According to an analysis by Chipworks, the 65nm device may have actually been fabricated by UMC. Chipworks see significant similarities between the Nokia/TI device and the Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA, which uses the 65nm processes from UMC and Toshiba.
  • MRAM Technology Webcast
    Freescale recently released the industry’s first MRAM product. NEC also announced a MRAM breakthrough last July. According to NEC, they developed a new magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) cell technology suitable for high speed memory macro embedded in next generation system LSIs. The newly developed cell technology includes three key elements; a 2T1MTJ (two transistors and one magnetoresistive tunneling junction) cell structure to accelerate write mode cycle time, a 5T2MTJ cell structure to accelerate read mode cycle time and a write-line-inserted MTJ to reduce write current. The new cell technology realizes added-value, non-volatile MRAM macros that can be substituted for SRAM (static random access memory) macros embedded in system LSIs.