Atmel AT90SC256144RCFT Microcontroller

The AT90SC256144RCFT is a dual-interface contact (ISO7816) and contactless (ISO/IEC14443) secure microcontroller that is compliant with the new International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) specifications for e-passports. This product has been designed to meet common criteria EAL5+ security certification (BSI protection profile).

The AT90SC256144RCFT features 144 Kbytes of EEPROM data memory, 256 Kbytes of ROM program memory, an additional 32 Kbytes of ROM for crypto library and 8 Kbytes of RAM. Its large EEPROM nonvolatile memory provides sufficient capacity to allow large data storage such as ten fingertip images of the passport holder (around 10 Kbytes/image), leaving enough space for other data (photo holder, encryption keys, etc.). The ROM and RAM sizes, combined with the computing power of the secureAVR(TM) architecture, make this chip perfectly suited for JavaCard(TM) implementation.

The AT90SC256144RCFT shares the same common features with Atmel’s secureAVR family including its outstanding 8-bit/16-bit RISC core, strong security mechanisms, a power-analysis attack- resistant DES/TripleDES engine, as well as Atmel’s AdvX(TM) crypto-accelerator for an optimized trade-off between performance and power consumption. Thanks to its high performance, it allows extremely fast extended access control implementations. This product can be delivered with on-chip tuning capacitance options, ranging from 20 pF to 100 pF, to cope with different antenna technologies.

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