TI TMS470 Automotive MCUs

Texas Instruments TMS470PLFx1 automotive MCUs incorporate a comprehensive set of intelligent peripherals dedicated to body applications and offer a high degree of message handling capabilities. These integrated communication peripherals such as CAN, LIN protocol handler, and multi-buffered SPI efficiently offload the CPU, reducing the number of CPU-cycles needed for communication tasks by up to 80 percent compared to conventional peripherals. The ARM7TDMI(R) based TMS470PLFx1 MCUs offer up to 512KB of flash memory, optional EEPROM emulation, up to 32KB RAM, and up to 56MHz of 32-bit performance in a temperature range of up to 125°C.

TMS470PLFx1 MCUs includes a unique user programmable 32-channel high-end timer (HET), RISC-based co-processor for greater flexibility and accuracy in timing functions like period and pulse measurements, output compare, and pulse width modulations (PWMs). The HET co-processor runs in parallel and completely independently of the ARM7(TM) CPU, providing significantly higher system performance. TMS470PLFx1 devices also include a multi-buffered, 32-channel 10-bit analog to digital converter (ADC) with a total sampling and conversion time of 1.55 microseconds that, like the HET, offloads processing from the CPU. The high number of timing channels and analog input channels makes separate multiplexer devices redundant and helps in reducing the number of external components, board space and, in turn, system cost.

The new devices support multiple low power operating modes with a wake-up time of less than twenty micro-seconds enabling hibernate current consumption as low as 25 microampere. Integrated voltage regulators on the chip enable 5V single voltage-supply resulting into cost savings on system level by eliminating additional external components.

TMS470PLFx MCUs are supported by the comprehensive Code Composer Studio(TM) integrated development environment (IDE) which integrates debugger, simulator and code generation. Development boards include a superset emulation device as well as emulation boards. TI supports AUTOSAR compliant peripheral software drivers to address standardization and interchangeability requirements.

48 and 56MHz TMS470PLFx MCUs with up to 512KB of flash memory are available in samples today with volume quantities available mid 2007. Package options range from 100 to 176 pin LQFP. Automotive manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers can obtain pricing, hardware and software tools pricing from their local TI sales office.

TI’s TMS470 MCU is used in the vast majority of automotive safety systems around the world such as antilock braking systems and airbag electronics. Allowing OEMs to save time to market and reduce development costs for future body design requirements, the TMS470 platform will expand with up to 1.5MB flash memory and higher performance with pin-to-pin compatible devices based on the ARM Cortex(TM) M3 cores. This allows OEMs to make design decisions today confident that they can reuse existing IP while tapping into advanced 130nm technology node.

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