New on EDA Blog – 2006.11.22

  • Altera Stratix III FPGA Web Seminars
    Altera has a two web seminars about its new 65-nm high-end Stratix(R) III FPGA family:

    Overview of Altera’s 65-nm Stratix III FPGAs
    This 15-min QuickCast discusses how Altera’s Stratix III 65-nm high-end FPGAs meet your business and technical requirements.

    Using Stratix III FPGAs to Achieve Higher Performance Systems with Lower Power Net
    Not all logic paths are created equal, so why do you need to supply the same currents to the slow paths as you do the fast ones? Found only in Altera’s Stratix III 65-nm FPGAs, Programmable Power Technology delivers maximum power when needed to critical paths in your design and low power everywhere else. This revolutionary logic array block (LAB)-based feature provides an incredible 50 percent power saving and 25 percent performance improvement over the previous generation FPGAs.

  • STMicroelectronics’ Solutions for Power Line Communications
    STMicroelectronics has a web seminar that addresses the application of Narrowband Power Line Communication for Remote Data Collection and Command and Control. Reliability, cost, flexibility and integration are all key factors that must be carefully balanced when designing solutions for these applications. This seminar will introduce you to STMicroelectronics’ widely deployed ST7538 PLC transceiver and newly optimized ST7540. The online seminar is 60 minutes long.