TI TMS570 Symmetrical Dual-Core Microcontroller

The Texas Instruments TMS570 symmetrical dual-core microcontroller (MCU) is the first automotive processor solution to support a certification according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61508 SIL3 standard – the highest level of safety that is designated for automotive applications. Co-developed with Robert Bosch GmbH, a leading global supplier of automotive technology, the TMS570 MCU will be implemented in next generation braking, steering and chassis control applications.

ARM(R) Cortex(TM) at the Core of TMS570 MCUs
The TMS570 MCU platform uses two identical ARM(R) Limited Cortex(TM) R4 cores combined with an initial two Mbytes of on-chip flash memory. Targeted applications include chassis control, braking/electronic vehicle stability and steering with higher and lower memory and performance variations planned. The dual cores are tightly coupled by a patent pending architecture for maximum reliability, while memory is protected by Error-Correcting Code (ECC) bit checking.

Innovative Approach to Safety
As vehicles become more complex and integrate more features, safety standardization is becoming increasingly important among automakers and OEMs. The TMS570 device integrates the Cortex R4 cores in an innovative and unprecedented design that enables failure detection and response times required by the IEC 61508 standard. Software development for the dual-core TMS570 MCU becomes less complex by eliminating a dedicated checker MCU algorithm and communication overhead between the main controller and the checker MCU thus reducing development time and cost.

The FlexRay(TM) networking protocol is also implemented directly on the TMS570 MCU further increasing integration. This deterministic communications standard developed by the leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers offers fully deterministic and fault tolerant communications for advanced automotive systems.

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