New on EDA Blog – 2006.11.10

  • EDGE Developer Suite Webinar
    Mentor Graphics is offering a web seminar for embedded software development engineers and engineering managers. During the webinar, Mentor will go over the components of their EDGE Developer Suite, explore some of the benefits of the advanced features, and explain how their tool can be used to speed up development cycle and simplify everyday tasks.
  • Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Mobile, Oh My
    Microsoft has a video that discusses the differences between Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows Mobile.
  • Road Warriors Leading Charge to SmartPhones
    High-usage US business travelers are early adopters of handsets capable of both voice and high-speed data, according to an In-Stat survey. These “road warriors” are business travelers spending $300 per month or more on wireless and are on the road 30% of the time.
  • Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
    So, what does Wind River think of Windows CE 6.0?