New on EDA Blog – 2006.11.03

  • Wi-Fi in Consumer Electronics Devices
    According to In-Stat, Wi-Fi is warming up in some segments of consumer electronics, such as gaming consoles and handheld games. However, in other consumer electronics segments, Wi-Fi isn’t doing as well (for instance, digital video camcorders and standalone Personal Video Recorders).
  • 3G Killer Apps: Mapping and Navigation Services
    In a recent survey, In-Stat found that existing and potential 3G customers are much more interested in high-quality mapping and navigation services (such as assisted GPS) than in video. However, technology decisions made in the 1990′s has made it difficult for carriers and handset vendors. In order to tap into this market, 3G carriers will need to expand the availability of compatible handsets.
  • Code:DSP Web Seminars
    Altera is hosting a three-part web seminar series on video, image, and signal processing. The next generation of FPGA solutions will enable designers to develop architectures that boost digital signal processing (DSP) performance and lower overall costs. The net seminars features experts from Altera, The MathWorks, and 4i2i.