PikeOS is more than one operating system. It is a strategic virtualization technology based on the principle of software partitioning. PikeOS combines Sysgo’s certification experiences of safety critical software on one hand with their Linux compentence on the other hand. By means of software partitioning, PikeOS delivers both world in parallel.

Software is becoming more and more the crucial component in innovative designs. It shapes important features of the end product. More than ever, the keystone is an operating system that is reliable and at the same time flexible enough to take on board future needs. The multi-OS PikeOS was developed in Germany to the highest safety standards and is perfectly prepared for future technology advances.

The foundation of PikeOS is a powerful real-time operating system, based on the latest microkernel technology. The microkernel controls access to the hardware, thereby guaranteeing safety. Above the microkernel, the system software implements multiple software partitions on a single CPU, with strict separation between them. Each partition can run an entire operating system such as Linux, POSIX and OSEK or application programs. Inter-partition communication is completely controlled by the system software. PikeOS is extensible and easily configurable.

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