FSMLabs Carrier Grade RTLinux

FSMLabs Carrier Grade RTLinux builds on the core capabilities of the company’s well known and highly regarded RTLinux/RTCore technology, combined with a standard 2.6 Linux distribution. FSMLabs was able to achieve OSDL Carrier Grade registration by virtue of the standards compliance and features in the 2.6 kernel, augmented by FSMLabs own value-added technology for real-time threading and high-performance networking. Moreover, to meet expectations of TEMs and NEPs for quality, Carrier Grade RTLinux is validated by FSMLabs state-of-the-art testing and quality assurance systems.

FSMLabs Carrier Grade RTLinux excels over other CGL implementations with:

  • Hard real-time response for interrupt code and user application threads
  • SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) support for multi-way & multi-core CPUs
  • Memory-protected real-time application threads and zero-copy real-time networking
  • Superior compliance to Linux Standards Base, POSIX, and other Priority I Carrier Grade Linux requirements

FSMLabs integrates RTLinux together with its own standard 2.6 Linux kernel and distribution, and other Open Source components to create Carrier Grade RTLinux. This powerful combination not only meets customer expectations, but stands out in contrast to other registered distributions by providing hard real-time capabilities.

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