FSMLabs’ RTLinuxPro is a tested and validated, hard real-time, POSIX operating system that runs embedded Linux as an application platform. The RTCore real-time kernel at the heart of RTLinuxPro provides rock-solid, low microsecond worst case interrupt latency and scheduling jitter plus seamless access to Linux.

RTLinuxPro features:

  • Hard real-time performance – no surprises or silent failures as system configuration changes or load increases. Deadlines are always met.
  • POSIX API 1003.13 PSE51 for real-time and full access to Linux for non-real-time programs.
  • Decoupled design of FSMLabs patented dual-kernel technology boosts performance and productivity by preventing non-real-time code from interfering with real-time performance. The design of RTLinux encourages modularity and code-reuse, while getting hardware-limit performance.
  • Commercial Licensing of RTLinuxPro allows customer modifications, drivers, and applications on RTCore to be distributed in binary form.
  • Quality Assurance is part of the package as each release has been through a stringent review and test process and comes with a comprehensive suite of regression tests. Run it at your site and see for yourself.
  • Quickboot is an example of general purpose capabilities FSMLabs can add to your product, for sub-second Linux boot times. On some systems, the delay from power-on to running real-time code can be less than 200 milliseconds.
  • FSMLabs Embedded Linux is a complete development system with tested kernel and tool-chain, a fully embeddable/network-bootable file-system, and utilities for building efficient flash file systems. Our Embedded Linux Consortium standard compatible Linux is pure Linux with no proprietary “enhancements”. As usual, Linux comes with file-systems, full TCP/IP networking, X-Windows GUI, and development tools.

Products and services available for RTLinuxPro:

  • Development seat subscriptions
  • User-space hard real-time with address space protection with PSDD
  • Hard real-time networking over Ethernet or FireWire (1394) with LNet
  • Automatic process control and XML integration tools with Controls Kit
  • Legacy migration path with VxIT
  • Discounts on volume purchases
  • JumpStart support and training
  • Custom support and development packages
  • Premium Support Packages

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