Aeroflex RadHard Eclipse FPGA

Aeroflex RadHard Eclipse FPGA offers proven commercial architecture, guaranteed radiation performance and reliability, an efficient low power, high performance FPGA fabric coupled with embedded RadHard SRAM. SpaceWire Embedded Core Protocol Handler will be available for the RadHard Eclipse FPGA in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Aeroflex RadHard Eclipse FPGA

Aeroflex’s RadHard FPGAs are fabricated on 0.25µm five-layer metal ViaLink epitaxial CMOS process. While the part is manufactured on a commercial line, Aeroflex uses proprietary design techniques to increase the products reliability and alleviate single-event effects that typically prevent commercial parts from functioning in a radiation environment. The RadHard FPGAs withstand total dose of 300 krads(Si) tested to MILSTD-883 Method 1019. They are SEL immune to a LET >100MeV-cm2/mg at worst-case voltage and 125°C.

UT6325 RadHard Eclipse FPGA Product

  • 0.25µm, five-layer metal, ViaLink(TM) epitaxial CMOS process
  • 320,000 usable system gates
  • 24 dual-port RadHard SRAM modules
  • 208 CQFP, 288 CQPF, 484 CLGA and 484 CCGA packages
  • Available to SMD 5962-04229, QML qualified, RadHard to 300krad (Si)

SpaceWire Embedded Core Protocol Handler

  • SpaceWire Embedded Core
  • Dual ECSS-E-50-12A compliant links
  • Data rates from 2 to 100 Mbits/sec
  • 9-bit transmit and receive FIFO user interface
  • Hard macro for the UT6325 RadHard Eclipse FPGA
  • QML Q qualified, RadHard to 300krad (Si)

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