Kontron EPIC/CE Single Board Computer

The EPIC/CE single board computer (SBC) is based on the Intel ULV/LV Celeron from 400MHz to 733MHz with highly integrated features. These features include USB 2.0, on-chip graphics, 5.1 sound, and the proven PC/104 & PC/104-Plus I/O expansion concept.

The EPIC/CE board’s performance, with the ULV/LV Celeron CPU, is enhanced by Intel’s 815 chipset with the ICH4 Southbridge; a Kontron exclusive CPU/chipset bundle. The 5.1 sound feature makes the EPIC/CE a perfect solution for any multimedia gaming application.

Each EPIC product is a member of the stable Kontron EPIC SBC family. EPIC modules are characterized by the same surface pinouts and interfaces for all on board I/O features including: dual LAN, 6x USB, Keyboard/Mouse, LPT, COM, VGA and Sound. This family feature allows chassis reuse and maximizes design consistency.

The total feature set are 6x USB, 4x COM, 25x GPIO, dual 10/100 LAN, and beyond. The EPIC/CE hosts an Intel ULV/LV Celeron CPU at 400/733MHz. A single SODIMM socket is on board for up to 512 MB RAM which allows you to use standard notebook memory. For power, each board has an ATX power connector (or 5V) as a standard feature.

If you are using a flat panel display, Kontron’s onboard JILI Interface (JUMPtec(R) Intelligent LVDS Interface) makes panel adaptation easy and speeds up time to market dramatically. The JILI system recognizes which display is connected and automatically sets all video parameters for both LVDS and TTL panels. Our extensive flat panel BIOS and cabling support afford you many options from virtually all of today’s leading LCD manufacturers.

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