eT-Kernel RTOS

eSOL improved and fine-tuned T-Kernel, the T-Engine standard realtime OS. The result is eT-Kernel, a realtime OS for embedded systems. This product can also be embedded in hardware other than a T-Engine development board to form a T-Engine appliance. Based on the T-Kernel source code distributed by the T-Engine forum, eSOL has applied extensive experience gained through µITRON to improve and fine-tune both functionality and performance. eT-Kernel has the following features compared to the open source T-Kernel:

  • Dramatically shortened system startup time
  • Improved interrupt response time
  • Service calls for task switching, activation, and finalization are faster
  • Functions added to adjust memory footprint by configuration
  • Improved portability by layering and modulizing the hardware dependent code

Maintains compatibility with T-Kernel
eT-Kernel maintains full compatibility with the T-Kernel distributed by the T-Engine forum. eSOL is a registered distributor of modified versions certified by the T-Engine forum.

Available in four profiles
eT-Kernel is available in four profiles to fit any system size and purpose. From a compact model with high realtime performance similar to µITRON to a model with memory protection and a process model like Linux, eSOL has it covered.

  • eT-Kernel Extended – Realtime OS with memory protection and a process model for large systems
  • eT-Kernel Standard – This realtime OS includes eT-Kernel/Compact with T-Engine standard device drivers
  • eT-Kernel Compact – Compact realtime OS with high realtime performance. Configuration is similar to µITRON
  • eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition – Realtime OS for next-generation embedded systems with multicore

Software assets can be reused on the four profiles
eT-Kernel/Extended, eT-Kernel/Standard, eT-Kernel/Compact, and eT-Kernel/Multi-Core have the same core kernel. Therefore, device drivers and middleware can be reused on each profile as kernel applications. Reusing software can improve development efficiency especially when changing profiles based upon a product series.

Common development environment for four profiles: eBinder
eSOL offers eBinder: a development environment for T-Kernel-based embedded software development. eBinder can be used for development with everything from the µITRON-based PrKERNELv4 to T-Kernel/Compact, eT-Kernel/Standard, eT-Kernel/Extended, and eT-Kernel/Multi-Core. There is no need to learn a new development tool every time the OS or target profile changes.

Easy migration from PrKERNELv4
Migration from PrKENRELv4 is easy because the hardware dependent code is shared between eT-Kernel and PrKERNELv4.

All four profiles of eT-Kernel are available in source code.

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