The Actel IGLOO(TM) family of reprogrammable, full-featured Flash FPGAs is designed to meet the demanding power and area requirements of today’s portable electronics. Based on the Actel nonvolatile Flash technology and single-chip ProASIC3 FPGA architecture, the 1.2 V / 1.5 V operating voltage family offers the industry’s lowest power consumption—as low as 5 µW. The IGLOO family supports up to 3 million system gates with up to 504 kbits of true dual-port SRAM, up to 6 embedded PLLs, and up to 616 user I/Os.

The Flash*Freeze technology used in IGLOO devices enables easy entry and exit from the ultra-low power mode, which consumes as little as 5 µW, while retaining SRAM and register data. Flash*Freeze technology simplifies power management through I/O and clock management without a need to turn off voltages, I/Os, or clocks at the system level. Entering and exiting Flash*Freeze mode takes less than 1 µs. Based on Flash reprogrammable technology, the Actel IGLOO family supports secure in-system programmability, which enables quick and easy upgrades or design updates in the final stages of manufacturing or in the field.

In Flash*Freeze mode, power drops to as low as 5 µW, and no additional components are required to turn off I/Os or clocks while preserving the design information, SRAM content, and registers. Additionally, the Low Power Active capability enables ultra-low power consumption (from 25 µW) while the IGLOO device is completely functional in the system by maintaining I/O, SRAM, registers, and logic functions. This allows the IGLOO device to control the system power management based on external inputs (e.g. scanning for keyboard stimulus) while consuming minimal power.

Actel IGLOO FPGAs are the only 1.2 V low power programmable logic devices (PLDs) and consume 30% less static power and over 50% less dynamic power than 1.8 V “low power” PLD alternatives. Using Actel IGLOO devices can provide at least five times the battery life of their nearest low power competitor.