News – 2006.08.22

  • WinSystems Launches PCM-COM8-G RoHS-Compliant PC/104 Module
    WinSystems today introduced the PCM-COM8-G, a RoHS-compliant, 8-channel PC/104 asynchronous communications module. It is well suited for embedded applications requiring a large number of serial I/O ports. Each channel supports RS-232, RS-485, and RS-422 electrical levels to interface to a wide variety of serial communications devices such as modems, data collection equipment, and distributed I/O terminals. The board is designed to work in PC/104-expandable embedded computer systems running Windows(R) CE, Windows(R) XP embedded, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, and DOS. A PCM-COM8-G will operate over the full industrial temperature range of -40° to +85° Centigrade.
  • NEC Debuts Microcontrollers for Automotive Body and Safety Control
    NEC Electronics America, Inc. (TSE: 6723) today announced to the Americas a new line of microcontrollers (MCUs), the 8-bit Fx2 series and 32-bit Fx3 series, which are based on the company’s 0.15-micron process technology and have embedded flash memory optimized for automotive body and safety control applications.
  • Toshiba Ranks First in EEMBC Benchmark with TX4939 Microprocessor
    Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) today announced that certified benchmark scores from the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC(R)) are now available for its TX4939XBG-400 microprocessor, the latest member of the Toshiba TX49 MIPS(R) RISC microprocessor family. The device was tested against the EEMBC Networking Version 1.1 and Version 2.0 benchmark suites and the results substantiate the processor’s high-performance system architecture and benefits for digital-consumer applications that include networking.
  • ACTIS Computer Introduces ESBX-4440 Single Board Computer
    ACTIS Computer SA announces today the availability of its new ESBX-4440 Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the AMCC PPC440GX PowerPC processor. The ESBX-4440 SERIES represents an ideal solution for packet switching applications in the communication, industrial and storage markets as well as OEM design requirements for scalable performance with the AMCC PPC4440GX processor at 667 MHz. It features up to 1 GByte of ECC-protected DIMM DDR memory module capability and delivers lower power dissipation than Pentium solutions.
  • Unicoi’s Fusion SIP Software Powers Raytheon’s Analog Radio Adapter
    Unicoi Systems, a leading provider of real-time multimedia software and reference designs to embedded device developers and OEMs worldwide, today announced that Raytheon JPS Communications selected Unicoi’s Fusion Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) software to enable its new Analog Radio Adapter, the ARA-1. Comparable to an analog telephone adapter (ATA), which allows a standard telephone to operate on an IP network, Raytheon JPS’ ARA-1 provides the same functionality for an analog radio.
  • LVL7 Systems Supports Wind River Linux Platform for Network Equipment
    LVL7 Systems, Inc., the leading provider of production-ready networking software, today announced its commitment to support the Wind River(R) Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition. The complementary solution of LVL7′s FASTPATH(R) software combined with Wind River’s Linux-based device software platforms provides a shared customer base of networking OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with solid support for high-end network devices spanning the enterprise and telecom market sectors.
  • Telelogic Influences Application Development
    Telelogic (STO:TLOG), the leading global provider of software solutions that align advanced systems and software development with business objectives, today announced that Computer Business Review (CBR) has ranked Telelogic in the top ten most influential companies in application development for 2006. This year marks the fourth time in a row that Telelogic has been ranked among other global leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, BEA, Adobe, and Eclipse.
  • AirDefense Receives Patent for Wireless Intrusion Prevention
    AirDefense, the innovator that launched the wireless LAN security market, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded US Patent No. 7,086,089 titled “Systems and Methods for Network Security” to AirDefense. Filed on June 3, 2002, this is the third patent awarded to AirDefense in the wireless LAN intrusion protection space. It encompasses core technology fundamental to all wireless intrusion detection and prevention solutions. AirDefense is the only company to own all the intellectual property for wireless LAN intrusion prevention.
  • X-FAB Implements Cadence’s Virtuoso NeoCircuit DFM Solution
    X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, the world’s leading analog mixed-signal semiconductor foundry, today announced it is implementing Cadence Design Systems’ Virtuoso NeoCircuit DFM solution to identify and eliminate yield-related problems early in the design phase and fabrication process. The product avoids the tedious and manually intensive task of sizing and optimizing a circuit topology in terms of process tolerances, voltage and temperature variations (P-V-T). Virtuoso NeoCircuit DFM overcomes the difficulty of estimating yield and optimization when IP is over-constrained in area and power consumption, or is optimized for a special corner.
  • Thales, Alcatel Encrypt DWDM Wavelengths for High Bandwidth Applications
    Thales and Alcatel (Paris:CGEP.PA) (NYSE:ALA) today announced a major breakthrough in the security of DWDM wavelengths for financial and government applications. The Thales SONET Datacryptor(R) has successfully demonstrated encryption of an aggregate SONET signal generated by an Alcatel 1677 SL provisioned with optional Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) modules and Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA). In addition to providing DWDM-based encryption, this testing validates that the Thales SONET Datacryptor does not introduce significant delays or impairments when used with ITU optics for SONET protection schemes, including Linear, Unidirectional Path-Switched Ring, and Bidirectional Line-Switched Ring.
  • Stretch IDE Release 2006.07 Ships with SlickEdit, Toolkit
    Stretch Inc. announced today the availability of release 2006.07 of the Stretch Integrated Design Environment (IDE) software tools. With this new release, Stretch adds the powerful code editor SlickEdit, enhanced library support, and a PCI-based communications toolkit. The new release also provides upgraded on-line Help and documentation. These new tools offer greater ease of use and flexibility, enabling developers to reduce time to market for compute-intensive applications.
  • NI to Increase LabVIEW Support for Agilent Instruments
    National Instruments and Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced a cooperative effort to create National Instruments LabVIEW Plug-and-Play instrument drivers for Agilent LXI, USB and GPIB instruments. The two test and measurement companies are working together to provide instrument drivers to engineers and scientists shortly after the release of new Agilent measurement products, making it even easier to combine the popular graphical development platform NI LabVIEW with the power and breadth of Agilent instruments.
  • Acrosser Introduces AR-B1841 Fanless Embedded Board
    Reliability is what is on the minds of manufacturers and their end customers, who depend on their products to perform 24 hours a day continuously, with limited monitoring. However, whenever moving parts are involved, there is always the possibility of mechanical breakdown, which can cause serious problems in the field. Failing CPU fans, whose investment is insignificant compared to the total investment of the system, can cause irreparable damages.
  • IPTV Capability to Drive DSL IC Chipset Market
    While data and VoIP continue to drive the DSL IC chipset market, and will account for the bulk of port shipments through 2010, the delivery of IPTV capability is the wave of the future, reports In-Stat. Carriers worldwide are using ADSL2+ and VDSL2 as they upgrade their networks to deliver television and video service, the high-tech market research firm says.
  • Capella Microsystems Rolls Out Ambient Light Sensor Chip
    Capella Microsystems, Inc. today announced the Filtron(TM) family of chips that detect the amount of ambient light surrounding notebooks and cellular phones, and adjusts the brightness of the liquid crystal displays (LCD) to provide an almost perfect match to the needs of the human eye. By providing such a close match, the device eliminates excessive backlighting and greatly increases battery life in portable products. Backlighting usually consumes more battery power than any other function.
  • Strategy Analytics Reveals GaAs Device Manufacturers Rankings
    Strategy Analytics has released its annual ranking of the world’s top GaAs device manufacturers, detailing the movers and shakers in 2005. Eudyna Devices, Sony and NEC slipped out of the top ten in 2005, while Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba gained market share. Mitsubishi Electric was the Japanese market leader in the 2005 GaAs device market and saw significant growth for its MMIC business as it led supply of GaAs Power Amplifiers to the Japanese 3G cellular handset market.
  • Microchip Adds In-Circuit Debugging to PICkit 2 Development Programmer
    Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, today announced that the popular PICkit(TM) 2 development programmer now supports in-circuit debugging of selected PIC(R) microcontroller products. This enables engineers, students and anyone with an interest to easily begin development and evaluation with PIC microcontrollers for a very low initial investment. The new PICkit 2 Debug Express Kit features a 44-pin demo board populated with a PIC16F917 microcontroller, and connects to any personal computer via USB. Its in-circuit debugging features include halt, single step and setting a breakpoint.