Celoxica Design Tools and Platforms

Celoxica’s product strategy delivers a comprehensive mix of Electronic System Level (ESL) design solutions that build upon its core competence and leadership in C-based design. Our ESL design solutions cover C-based design and behavioral synthesis tools, FPGA boards and programmable SoC development hardware, libraries of IP and system level APIs for co-design modeling, verification and platform abstraction.

  • Agility Compiler
    The Agility Compiler provides behavioral design and synthesis for SystemC. It is a single solution for FPGA design and ASIC/SoC prototyping. Early TLM models can be quickly realized in working silicon yielding accurate design metrics and RTL for Physical design. For SoC developers using SystemC and Transaction Level Modeling (TLM), Agility Compiler offers a rapid path to FPGA prototypes for verification and RTL for implementation flows.
  • DK Design Suite
    The DK Design Suite software is a complete ESL design environment for ANSI-C using Handel-C. It provides the benefits of system-level design using C-based design languages to FPGA and SoC. This includes system co-design and co-verification capabilities as well as C-to-RTL and direct C-to-FPGA synthesis. DK provides the user with a complete flow: From specification to implementation as architecture-optimized EDIF netlist for FPGA’s and; RTL (VHDL or Verilog) used for alternative synthesis flows and other hardware targets including ASIC design.
  • PixelStreams
    PixelStreams is a library of high performance, parameterizable IP cores for digital image and video processing. Coupled with an easy to use block based graphical entry system, PixelStreams is ideally suited to complex video and image processing systems. PixelStreams is a complete library of streaming video functions with block-based or algorithmic design entry and direct implementations in RC Series and selected FPGA platforms.
  • RC10
    The RC10 is an advanced desktop environment specifically designed to be easy and rewarding to use for training, evaluation, rapid prototyping and development based on ‘C’-to-hardware design methodologies. The RC10 board is fitted with a 1.5 million-gate Spartan 3 FPGA and is packaged with a set of comprehensive support libraries intended for use with Celoxica’s suite of ESL design tools including the DK Design Suite and PixelStreams image and video processing library. The feature set of the RC10 makes it suitable for prototyping and development of diverse applications.
  • RC203
    The RC203 package provides a desktop environment for the evaluation and development of high performance FPGA and soft-core microprocessor based applications. The package is composed of a high performance FPGA development environment and supporting software including PAL (Platform Abstraction Layer) and DSM (Data Stream Manager) allowing rapid development of platform-independent hardware applications and ensuring optimum integration with Celoxica’s ESL design tools.
  • RC250
    The RC250 is a desktop environment designed for the evaluation and development of high performance/ high throughput SOPC applications using FPGA logic or combined with Nios II processors. To better enable the use of the board for these types of applications, the RC250 provides an Altera Stratix II FPGA with 9M gates, fabricated in a 90nm process and incorporating TriMatrix Memory and high bandwidth DSP blocks which also offers a path to ASIC using the HardCopy-II structured ASIC technology. To support the capabilities of the Stratix-II, it is directly interfaced to 4 banks of ZBT SRAM (totaling 16Mbytes) and 64Mbytes of DRAM.
  • RC340
    The RC340 Desktop Platform features dual Gigabit Ethernet and Dual Video support to enable the evaluation and development of high-performance, high-throughput multimedia and networked data applications. Fitted with a Xilinx Virtex-4 LX FPGA, the RC340 is available with a complete suite of ESL design software ,IP and system level APIs. It is ideally suited to high speed video and data applications using FPGA and soft-core microprocessor technolology. To facilitate the use of the board for these types of applications, the package provides a large FPGA with direct access to 4 banks of ZBT SRAM (totaling 32Mbytes) and a DIMM socket for customer-provided SDRAM.
  • RC2000
    The RC2000 provides an environment for the development of high performance FPGA based applications or co-processing acceleration functions. Supplied with a complete ESL design tool suite, it is an ideal platform for algorithm acceleration. Hardware features include a reconfigurable PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) based on the Xilinx Virtex-II range of Platform FPGAs providing a high speed PCI interface, external memory, high density I/O, programmable clocks, temperature monitoring, battery backed encryption and flash boot facilities. Software features include a PAL (Platform Abstraction Layer) implementation allowing hardware developers to access board features using the portable PAL API (Application Programming Interface).