Actel FPGA Software Tools

Here are Actel’s tools for FPGA development and physical implementation.

  • Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE)
    Actel’s Libero IDE offers the latest and best-in-class tools from leading EDA vendors such as Magma Design Automation, Mentor Graphics, SynaptiCAD, and Synplicity. These tools, combined with custom developed tools from Actel, are integrated into a single FPGA development package. Actel truly offers a one-stop shopping solution to completely orchestrate the Libero design flow including a powerful design manager that guides users through the design process, keeps track of design files, and seamlessly manages file exchanges between the various tools.
  • Designer
    Designer is Actel’s powerful physical implementation software tool suite. After completing design entry and functional verification using a front-end design tool, simply import the resulting netlist into Designer to complete the constraints management, place-and-route, timing and power analysis, and programming. Actel’s Designer software offers an easy-to-use and flexible solution for all Actel FPGA devices. It gives users the flexibility to plug and play industry-leading EDA tools from partners such as Synplicity, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Cadence, Magma Design Automation, and many other top names in the EDA field.