Synplicity FPGA Design Tools

Synplicity(R) Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative synthesis, verification, and physical implementation software solutions for designers of programmable logic devices (FPGAs, PLDs, CPLDs). Synplicity products deliver one of the best Quality of Results while being fast and easy-to-use. All products support industry-standard design languages (VHDL and Verilog) and run on most popular computing platforms.

  • Synplify Pro
    The industry’s most widely used FPGA synthesis solution, Synplify Pro uses a true timing-driven approach to synthesis. Synplify Pro software delivers the performance to meet designers’ timing requirements and optimizes circuits for area, saving significantly on chip cost.
  • Identify
    Identify RTL Debugger is the first software tool that allows designers to probe and debug their FPGA design directly in the source RTL. Designers can use Identify software to verify their design in hardware as they would in simulation – only much faster and with in-system stimulus. The Identify tool allows developers to navigate their design graphically and mark signals directly in RTL as probes or sample triggers. After synthesis, users can view the results in the RTL source code or in waveform. Design iterations are rapidly done using incremental place and route. Identify software is closely integrated with synthesis and routing tools for a seamless development environment.
  • Synplify Premier
    The Synplify Premier solution builds upon Synplicity’s industry-leading synthesis technology and adds new graph-based physical synthesis and real-time, simulator-like visibility into operating FPGA devices. Graph-based physical synthesis provides rapid timing closure and up to a 5-20% timing improvement. Once timing is met, synthesis algorithms focus on area optimization, which can improve circuit performance up to an additional 20% Quality of Results.