Xilinx CPLD

Xilinx offers the industry’s most complete and easy to use CPLD solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Their CoolRunner and XC9500 Series CPLDs decrease development time and cost.

CoolRunner Series
The CoolRunner(TM) Series of Xilinx CPLDs feature the lowest-power, highest-performance devices in the industry. These CPLDs deliver advanced features to support system-level designs such as I/O banking, sophisticated clock control, and superb design security.

  • CoolRunner-II
    The Xilinx(R) CoolRunner-II family leads the industry with its high performing, low power capabilities. Enhanced with revolutionary features such as DataGATE, advance I/Os and the industry’s smallest form factor packaging, CoolRunner-II CPLDs deliver the ultimate system solution for today’s designing challenges.
  • CoolRunner XPLA3
    The CoolRunner(TM) XPLA3 family of CPLDs provide 4.5ns performance with 17-18 microampere of standby current, a better performance/power combination than any other 3.3V CPLD. Each member of the CoolRunner XPLA3 family includes Fast Zero Power (FZP) design technology that combines low power and high performance for the first time ever in a programmable logic device making CoolRunner XPLA3 the only true low power 3.3V solution in the industry.

XC9500 Series
The XC9500 low-cost CPLD families provide the high performance, expansive feature set, and flexibility demanded by today’s cutting-edge system design. In addition, the superior pin locking allows designers to change their CPLD designs without affecting board layout. XC9500 series offers over 12% more logic per density point at no extra cost compared to competing CPLDs.

  • XC9500XL
    The XC9500XL family of CPLDs provide a high-performance, nonvolatile programmable logic solution comprising cost-optimized silicon, free design tools , and unparalleled support. High performance, low cost, and using the identical design environment as Xilinx FPGAs, XC9500XL CPLDs provide everything you need for flexible, advanced logic system design.
  • XC9500XV
    The XC9500XV 2.5V CPLD family from Xilinx is based upon an advanced architecture that combines system flexibility and low cost to allow for faster time-to-market and lower manufacturing and support costs. This lower voltage CPLD offers 30% lower power consumption than 3.3V CPLDs, resulting in lower heat dissipation and increased long-term device reliability. The XC9500XV CPLD solution plus the powerful ISE(TM) WebPACK(TM) software offer a valuable and cost efficient logic solution.
  • XC9500
    The XC9500 CPLD family provides a reliable, low-cost programmable logic solution with free design tools, a wide array of packages, and a library of application notes. XC9500 CPLDs bring you all the benefits of programmable logic in one cost-optimized, easy-to-use family. Flexibility, simplicity, performance, low-cost: Four key reasons to use XC9500 CPLDs for your next design.