Lattice CPLD and SPLD

CPLD and SPLD solutions from Lattice deliver an optimal fit for a variety of PLD design challenges. At present, Lattice offers the industry’s broadest line of PLDs based on their numerous families of ispLSI, ispMACH(TM) and GAL products.

  • MachXO
    The MachXO family of crossover programmable logic devices (PLDs) combines CPLD and FPGA attributes together to optimally serve applications such as bus bridging, bus interface and control that traditionally were implemented in CPLDs or low capacity FPGAs. More of the Best: MachXO includes PLLs and embedded memory along with features you’ve come to expect in CPLDs.
  • ispMACH 4000Z
    Based on Lattice’s already popular ispMACH 4000 architecture, the ispMACH 4000Z family delivers both low static power and high speed. Devices operate from a 1.8V power supply providing low dynamic power. The 1.8-volt ispMACH 4000Z family supports a wide range of 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.8V I/O standards and features 5-volt tolerant I/Os when using the LVCMOS 3.3 interface. This family is available in commercial, industrial and automotive temperature ranges.
  • ispMACH 4000B/C/V
    The high performance ispMACH 4000 family from Lattice offers a SuperFAST CPLD solution. The ispMACH 4000 family includes 3.3-, 2.5-and 1.8-volt power supply versions, designated the ispMACH 4000V, ispMACH 4000B and ispMACH 4000C devices, respectively.
  • ispXPLD 5000MX
    The ispXPLDTM 5000MX family represents a new class of devices from Lattice Semiconductor called eXpanded Programmable Logic Devices (XPLDs). These devices are built around a new building block, the Multi-Function Block (MFB). These blocks can be individually configured as SuperWIDETM (136-input) logic, single- or dual-port memory, FIFO, or CAM depending on the users’ application.
  • ispMACH 4A5
    The 5Volt ispMACH 4A5 family of CPLDs supports logic macrocell densities from 32 to 256 and I/O counts from 32 to 128. The ispMACH4A5 family delivers up to 5ns SpeedLocked performance (Tpd) and operating frequencies up to 182MHz. The ispMACH 4A5 family offers more programmable logic density and I/O solutions than any other CPLD family in the industry. This breadth of this family, combined with its SpeedLocked performance and low power consumption, make it the best choice for most system logic applications.
  • ispGAL
    The ispGAL family delivers all of the benefits of in-system programmability (ISPTM) to the industry’s most popular SPLD architecture – the 22V10. Available in 5Volt, 3.3Volt, 2.5Volt and 1.8Volt options, the ispGAL22V10 utilizes the same 44-PLCC footprint as its non-ISP counterpart and is also available in space-saving 28-pin SSOP and 32-pin QFN packages. The ispGAL devices can be programmed while soldered on the printed circuit board, thus eliminating the stand-alone programming step.
  • GAL
    Lattice offers more architectural, voltage, power and performance options for its GAL products than any other SPLD supplier. These GAL product are perfect for implementing small amounts of “glue” logic, or for providing a blazing fast solution to a critical system logic problem.