Xilinx FPGAs

Founded in 1984, Xilinx pioneered a revolutionary new technology, the field programmable gate array (FPGA), and shipped its first commercial product in 1985. Today, Xilinx fulfills more than half the world demand for FPGAs. Xilinx also markets complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs), which are faster than FPGAs for some applications but have fewer logic resources.

Virtex Series FPGAs
The Xilinx Virtex(R) series has redefined programmable logic by expanding the traditional capabilities of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) with new levels of integration and features that address high performance system design issues. In a single, off-the-shelf programmable Xilinx device, systems architects can take advantage of microprocessors, the highest density of on-chip memory, multi-gigabit serial transceivers, digital clock managers, on-chip termination and more. The result is that Xilinx FPGAs helps designers to simplify board layout, reduce bill of materials, and get products to market faster than ever before.

  • Virtex-5
    Built on the revolutionary ExpressFabric(TM) architecture, the Xilinx Virtex-5 family is the ultimate system integration platform. With the industry’s highest performance, ultimate connectivity, optimized power, and lowest system cost, you can design next-generation systems for wired/wireless networking, audio/video, storage/server and other markets with maximum productivity.
  • Virtex-4
    The Xilinx Virtex-4 family is revolutionizing the fundamentals of FPGA economics. With three application-domain-optimized platforms and a selection of seventeen devices, Virtex-4 FPGAs deliver breakthrough performance at the lowest cost and offer a compelling alternative to ASICs and ASSPs.
  • Virtex-II Pro / X Platform FPGA
    Introduced in 2002, and fabricated in 0.13mm, 1.5V, process technology, Virtex-II Pro FPGAs incorporates embedded PowerPC(TM) processors and 3.125 Gbps RocketIO serial transceivers. Introduced in 2003, Virtex-II Pro X FPGAs extended the transceiver data rate to 6.25 Gbps.
  • Virtex-II Platform FPGA
    Xilinx provides all of the tools required to enable high-performance system design with Virtex-II FPGAs. In addition to having the fastest development software platform, Xilinx enhances the complete design process by providing world class IP core solutions, verification tools, and information resources.
  • Virtex / E / EM
    The Virtex-E and Virtex-EM families started the Virtex legacy with significantly increased performance and density, while providing a high-performance system-level feature set, and unprecedented on-chip memory to address highly buffered designs.

Spartan Series FPGAs
Xilinx Spartan(R) FPGAs are ideal for low-cost, high volume applications and are managing costs throughout the product life cycle. Ranging from 50K to 5M system gates, the newest 90nm Spartan-3 platform is the world’s lowest cost FPGA with unrivaled price points to address customer demand for low cost solutions. With Spartan-3, Xilinx is poised to address entirely new high volume applications in the “sweet spot” of mid-range ASICs – such as low cost routers, storage servers, medical and industrial imaging, and residential gateways – to significantly expand the total available market for the Spartan Series.

  • Spartan-3E
    The Spartan-3E FPGA family offers the optimal combination of platform features and low cost you need for high-volume, gate-centric programmable logic designs.
  • Spartan-3
    With the lowest cost per logic (CPL), the 90nm Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGAs fulfill industry demands for high-volume, I/O-optimized programmable logic solutions.
  • Spartan-3L
    Xilinx Spartan-3L FPGAs help you to reach your power-related goals by offering the lowest overall power consumption in their class. These devices provide up to 98% quiescent power reduction, enabling lower cost cooling systems, smaller, less expensive enclosures and higher system reliability.
  • Spartan-IIE
    The Spartan-IIE FPGAs give you everything you need to create cost-optimized, flexible, feature-rich products.
  • Spartan-II
    Discover how extremely low price points for Spartan-II FPGAs have proven Spartan devices a viable solution for replacement of ASICs, even when the end products are extremely cost-sensitive.
  • Spartan / XL
    The Spartan/XL Series of FPGAs is the first complete line of low cost FPGAs that feature on-chip RAM and broad support for predefined cores. The Spartan/XL products are available in densities ranging from 5,000 to 40,000 system gates.

EasyPath(TM) Series FPGAs
The Xilinx EasyPath FPGA solution leverages specialized testing methods to provide the exact same FPGA used in prototyping in an application-specific form to lower unit costs in volume production. With EasyPath FPGAs, customers have no long ASIC lead times, no timing or pinout changes, no lost feature support, and no risk of design failure.

  • EasyPath FPGAs
    Xilinx EasyPath FPGAs are the industry’s only customer specific and flexible solution for volume production priced lower than Structured ASICs. They are derived from standard Xilinx FPGAs by testing for a customer-specific application and are a natural extension of Xilinx traditional FPGA products. Customers use EasyPath customer specific FPGAs to achieve lower unit costs for volume production once they know their design is fixed and no longer requires the full programmability of an FPGA.