yDoc is a Javadoc(TM) extension that adds new possibilities to the generation process of Java API documentation. yDoc utilizes the world-class layout algorithms provided by the graph visualization library yFiles to generate and automatically integrate clear and concise UML diagrams into your Java API documentation.

But there is even more to yDoc. The complete feature list includes:

  • An XML-based mechanism to define new custom tags.
  • The possibility to exclude specific classes, methods or fields from the generated documentation. This is simply done by marking items with an exlusion tag. Additionally, an interface is provided so that powerful and sophisticated custom criteria can be used.
  • Automatic diagramming for documented types and packages.
    • The diagrams can be embedded in the generated HTML pages as scalable vector graphics (SVG), as GIF, or as JPG files.
    • All diagrams feature hyperlinks, which allow direct access to the documentation of the displayed packages, types, and type members.
    • All diagrams may be customized through the use of style files. Additional style definitions for yDoc are available for download from our Style Repository.
  • An easy-to-use GUI-based style editor

New Features in yDoc 2.2

  • Java 5.0 language enhancement support for UML diagrams:
    • Names of Parameterized Types include the complete generic declaration.
    • Typesafe Enumerations are represented as classes displaying an enum constraint.
    • Annotation Types are represented as interfaces displaying an annotation stereotype.
    • Variable arguments are recognized and displayed as ….
  • Separate versions for Java2 SDK 1.4.x and JDK 1.5.0 are available.
  • Several bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed package filtering for -subpackages option.
    • Fixed broken -group option.

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