Xmodelink SoC Modeler

The boundary between software and hardware is rapidly disapperaring. The design process, i.e. the total design flow from requirement to implementation, is becoming increasingly important. A good design processis a valuable skill exclusive to each company that contributes toquality, productivity, and shorter development time. “XModelink” provides total support for the design process.

Converting UML to Architecture Structure
XModelink converts UML (Unified Modeling Language) to architecture structure. System architecture needs to be analyzed and designed separately from UML, because UML is only a diagram representing mainly system functions. XModelink fenerates the architecture structure automatically using the “UML Extended Profile” for SoC. The generated architecture structure is then registered to the XModelink library manager for reuse.

Architecture Editor (Compatible with Systemc Notation)
“XModelink Architecture Editor” can be used to design system architecture. Since the editor is compatible with SystemC notation, system architecture can be designed graphically, including modules, ports, interface, channels nad hierarchical channels. It is possible not only to edit inner process information such as SC_THREAD, SC_METHOD, and SC_CTHREAD, and synchronization using “wait”, “notify” and “sensitive” SystemC construction, but also member variables nad functions of the module class, and implementation code.

SystemC Code Generation
XModelink generates SystemC code from system structure behavior, and implementation code on the architecture editor. The generated code can be compiled directly, because it is not a skeleton code but a full SystemC code. “XModelink SystemC Debugger” can be used to debug the SystemC code. This SystemC code generator can be customized for a variety of behavioral synthesizers.

SystemC Semantics Checker
A SysyemC rule checker is included in XModelink to check violation of SystemC semantics. The checker warns when users make mistakes (e.g. A port and two channels are bound).

Multi Platform Support (Windows/Linux etc.)
Being implemented as a plug-in to the Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) “Eclipse”, XModelink allows design on multiple platforms such as Windows nad Linux.

Can be Used in Conjunction whith Other CASE and EDA Tools
(Plug-in to Integrated Development Environment “Eclipse”)
Because “Eclipse” is provided with an open source free license, XModelink can easily be used in conjunction with many other CASE tools and EDA tools.

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