velOSity Microkernel

The velOSityTM microkernel is small, fast and royalty free, making it a perfect fit for cost-sensitive, high-volume and resource constrained embedded applications. Besides being integrated with the best-of-class embedded software tools, velOSity offers developers a rich set of kernel services, device drivers, BSPs and middleware. The combination of all these features make velOSity the choice for many of today’s embedded development applications.

Ideal for deeply embedded, demanding embedded systems – small and fast
The velOSity microkernel is configured to run in flat memory models, optimizing both its footprint and execution speed. It can also be configured for use without a board support package for your target hardware, further reducing your memory footprint and implementation complexity. With a minimum RAM requirement of 3 KB, velOSity is perfect for even the most tightly constrained embedded system designs. Designed for speed, it’s ultra-fast context switch time and fast kernel service call times also make it ideal for systems where CPU resources are at a premium.

Proven Technology
The velOSity microkernel is the exact kernel technology that forms the foundation of the ultra-reliable INTEGRITY real-time operating system. Shipping for more than seven years as the core kernel of INTEGRITY, the velOSity microkernel is being deployed in a wide variety of demanding embedded systems, including telecommunications, industrial control and automation, automotive, medical, and aerospace.

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