Together for Visual Studio

Borland(R) Together(R) for Visual Studio is a visual modeling platform designed to accelerate the analysis, design, and development of complex enterprise applications in a .NET(R) environment. By providing tightly integrated UML 2 visualizations, practitioners can create diagrams natively in Visual Studio 2005. Additionally, developers and designers can use Audits and Metrics to improve consistency and quality which can identify issues early in development when they are less costly to address. Model import is supported for IBM Rational Rose(R), XDE(R) and XMI models to help teams move forward with the latest in Microsoft environments.

Together improvements to this edition for Visual Studio also let developers leverage best-in-class LiveSource technology that understands C# and VB language enhancements including partial classes, anonymous classes, generics, and other new language features available in .NET Framework 2.0. Designers and developers can also open UML diagrams created by Borland Caliber(R) DefineIT(TM) to maximize communication from requirements definition and create a visual bridge to the needs of business experts.

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