Together for Eclipse

Borland(R) Together(R) for Eclipse is a role-based visual modeling platform designed to support architects, developers, UML(TM) designers, business process analysts, and data modelers in the accelerated delivery of high-quality software applications. By using Together for Eclipse you can create UML 2 and business process models (BPMN). Further, BPMN diagrams can be used to generate business process execution language with Web Services definitions (BPEL4WS). Practitioners can also increase productivity and quality by automating design and code reviews with audits and metrics which are now provided at both the model and code level. Model audits and metrics are defined in industry standard Object Constraint Language (OCL) 2.0 allowing full customization and easy creation of new audits and/or metrics.

Using Together for Eclipse you can also improve communication with fully customizable template-based documentation generation that can assemble content from all model types and requirements. By leveraging the eclipse platform —with enhanced support for UML, Design Patterns, Java 5, and template-based documentation—Together helps teams accelerate the development of quality, adaptable software systems. Borland LiveSource(R) technology automatically keeps software artifacts synchronized. Audits and Metrics dramatically improve the Eclipse environment by reducing the time spent in developer reviews and costs associated with rework of your existing code base.

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