TargetOS is a full-featured real-time operating system (RTOS) from Blunk Microsystems designed specifically for embedded applications. TargetOS is fast, small, and preemptive. To help reduce your time to market, TargetOS is integrated with development tools and off-the-shelf board support packages. Custom board support packages and drivers are also available.


  • Royalty Free
  • Source Code
  • Integrated with CodeWarrior
  • Kernel Awareness DLL
  • Integrated Event Trace Tool
  • Board Support Packages and Device Drivers
  • Perpetual Site License

TargetOS is seamlessly integrated with CodeWarrior, the integrated development environment from Metrowerks, and includes complete source code, a re-entrant Standard C runtime library, CodeWarrior project files, and linker command files. For networking applications, optional TCP/IP protocol stack, Flash File System, and LAPB protocol stack are available that are developed and supported by Blunk Microsystems and are fully integrated with TargetOS.

Blunk Microsystems’ long experience in providing board support packages and device drivers to the embedded community means you won’t have to turn elsewhere to get the complete solution you need. Blunk Microsystems supports a large number of off-the-shelf drivers and board support packages and will always provide quotes for custom drivers.

Best of all, you can reduce the cost of your projects with Blunk Microsystems’ Site License that includes royalty-free source code, a full year of technical support, complete documentation, and sample applications. This license allows you to use TargetOS on an unlimited number of projects at a single site. For complete details, please read the license terms.

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