Symbian OS

By setting the standard for wireless computing and telephony, Symbian brings together the wireless value chain. Symbian OS drives standards for the interoperation of data-enabled mobile phones with mobile networks, content applications and services:

A platform for wireless services
Symbian delivers an advanced, open, standard operating system to its licensees. Symbian OS is flexible and scalable enough to be used in the variety of mobile phones needed to meet a wide range of user requirements. Symbian OS supports complex requirements of network protocols worldwide and enables a broad, international, developer community.

Providing wireless services
Open standards ensure global network interoperability, allowing mobile phone users to communicate with anyone, any way, at any time. The compelling advanced data services that operators can provide on Symbian OS phones will help minimize churn and maximize revenue.

Developing wireless services
Software developers are able, for the first time, to build applications and services for a global mass-market of advanced, open, programmable, mobile phones. A set of standard application programming interfaces (APIs) across all Symbian OS phones and the advanced computing and communications capabilities of Symbian OS, enables development of advanced services.

Symbian OS is a powerful aligning force for the wireless value chain. Mobile phone manufacturers, network operators and software developers are assured that they are working with an industry standard, open, operating system that allows customization and is focused on the mass-market, driving the wireless community.