Software through Pictures

Demands on modern software systems are growing steadily and lead to a rise in complexity. Thus the use of models and the associated increased level of abstraction becomes a necessary success factor in each SW project.

Software through Pictures (StP) is a graphical Modeling Tool with a powerful transformation engine to map Models to the Target Environment.

Modular structure of Software through Pictures
All components of the Software through Pictures product family are implemented on a common basic architecture. This architecture is characterized by high flexibility and extraordinary stability.

  • StP/SE
    Structured Environment for structured Methods like Structured Analysis, Structured Design
  • StP/UML
    Implementation of the Unified Modeling Language®
    Architecture Component DevelopmentTM

StP can easily be adapted to individual development processes and the Multiuser Repository ensures an appropriate scaling even in large projects. The integration with further products such as Config Management Systems, IDEs for different programming languages and test tools provide support for the whole software life cycle.

Due to the mentioned advantages StP is used in software projects with up to several hundred coworkers. We have satisfied customers in various industries such as automotive, banks, insurance, and real time systems.

Since 1985 we have been developing StP consistently and adapting our products to the latest technologies and requirements. Today structured methods (StP/SE) like Structure Analysis and Structured Design are supported, as well as the Unified Modeling Language (StP/UML) in the OO range.

Software through Pictures is available for Unix (HP and Solaris), Linux and Windows (NT, 2000, XP).

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