SavaJe OS

SavaJe OS, a Java-based, standards-compliant platform, allows cost-effective, rapid deployment of highly-customized handsets that conform to the mobile operators’ requirements across a range of devices efficiently and flexibly. It also provides significant scope for additional customization and differentiation.

SavaJe OS stands apart from its competitors in providing handset manufacturers with:

  • A feature-rich and customizable user experience with a comprehensive complement of handset applications that is modifiable, replaceable and brandable to meet the requirements of different operators.
  • A completely secure environment for executing resident, distributed and downloaded applications.
  • A universal, open and standards-based platform for advanced mobile phones.
  • A high performance, optimal execution platform for applications.

SavaJe’s complete suite of resident applications for advanced mobile phones spans the entire spectrum of handset functionality, including:

  • A phone application for voice call management
  • A universal messaging application with a simple and intuitive user interface for MMS, SMS, and email messages
  • A universal browser for transparent access to WAP, HTML and XHTML sites
  • A multimedia application for still and video capture and playback, including camera control (where available) and multiple media players
  • A personal information management (PIM) application for contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and alarms management and synchronization to a local PC or over-the-air

SavaJe OS is available pre-ported to a number of common wireless chipsets, to reduce time-to-market for manufacturers. The first reference implementations are available on TI OMAP and Intel processor families, but any ARM9-based CPU can also be supported.

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