Rational Software Architect

IBM Rational Software Architect is an integrated design and development tool that leverages model-driven development with the UML for creating well-architected applications and services.

With Rational Software Architect you can unify all aspects of software design and development. Develop applications more productively than ever.

  • Exploit the latest in modeling language technology.
  • Review and control the structure of your Java applications.
  • Leverage an open and extensible modeling platform.
  • Simplify your design and development tool solution.
  • Integrate with other facets of the lifecycle.

Now Available

  • Integrating business modeling and model-driven development – See your WebSphere Business Integration Modeler project as a UML 2.0 model in Rational Software Architect. This UML model represents the specification that defines usage and realization requirements, providing your developers a clear understanding of what to implement to best support your business.
  • Time to upgrade from Rational Rose? – Exploit the powerful new capabilities in Rational Software Architect while preserving your investment in your existing Rational Rose models. The Rational Rose Model Import enables you to migrate your existing Rose models and related artifacts into Rational Software Architect.

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