Phar Lap ETS

For more than 10 years Ardence’s constantly improving and evolving Phar Lap ETS has provided thousands of developers with a stable, predictable and reliable embedded Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

  • ETS has the industry’s smallest footprint and because it works with standard PC hardware, it is widely accepted as the simplest and fastest environment for developing embedded applications.
  • With Ardence’s Embedded StudioExpressTM, ETS enhances the widely deployed and well-known Microsoft(TM) Developer Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a number of plug-ins. With Embedded StudioExpress, developers can create complex embedded applications as easily as they can develop Windows® applications.
  • Through its support of a robust subset of the Win32 API, ETS offers developers great flexibility when migrating Windows®-based code.
  • ETS is the optimum choice for devices and systems that require high speed without compromising performance. By offering sub-micro-second interrupt latencies and context switches, ETS ensures the fastest possible response time from your hardware.
  • ETS is the premier operating system for focused designs requiring hard real-time performance in a compact footprint. ETS runs on all 32-bit x86 architectures, including Transmeta’s low-power x86 compatible devices.
  • ETS guarantees sub-microsecond IST response time providing fine-grained control over hardware and ensuring that critical functional requirements and OEM design goals are met. ETS eliminates any delay in reaction time by providing hard real-time responses to commands.
  • ETS supports an application architecture that allows the ETS Kernel and the customer’s application to be split into separate pieces, allowing much greater flexibility when deploying and upgrading an ETS application. The ETS Kernel also supports Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), allowing the application itself to be developed in separate modules, thereby speeding system integration, testing, and debugging.

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