On Time RTOS-32

On Time’s royalty-free hard real-time embedded operating system for x86 CPUs implements a Windows subset kernel in only 16k of memory. It provides about 250 Win32 API functions and can load Windows DLLs.


  • Fully Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio and other Compilers
  • No Run-Time Royalties
  • Full Source Code Available
  • Free Technical Support by Phone and Email
  • Free Evaluation Kit Available

On Time RTOS-32 Components
On Time RTOS-32 applications always need RTTarget-32. Components RTKernel-32, RTFiles-32, RTIP-32, RTPEG-32, and RTUSB-32 are optional.

  • RTTarget-32: Core Operating System and Development Tools
    RTTarget-32 includes all development tools required to run 32-bit applications on an embedded system. RTTarget-32 can process a single 32-bit application built with a Win32 compiler to run on the embedded target. It provides boot code to initialize the target’s hardware, a run-time library, a locator, and cross debugging support. RTTarget-32′s run-time environment emulates a subset of the Win32 API.
  • RTKernel-32: Real-Time Scheduler
    RTKernel-32 is a linkable library with functions to create threads, semaphores, critical sections, etc. It adds most Win32 thread API functions to On Time RTOS-32′s Win32 emulation library.
  • RTFiles-32: Embedded File System
    RTFiles-32 allows embedded applications to read and write files on diskettes, hard disks, flash disks, CD-ROMs, and DVDs. Like RTTarget-32 and RTKernel-32, it provides its functionality through a Win32 API emulation and its own API.
  • RTIP-32: Embedded TCP/IP Stack
    RTIP-32 provides networking capabilities for On Time RTOS-32 systems. It makes available the core TCP/IP protocols for Ethernet and serial communications through the Unix socket API and is source code compatible with the Windows WinSock 1.1 API.
  • RTPEG-32: Portable Embedded GUI
    RTPEG-32 is an event-driven, object-oriented C++ GUI library for embedded systems. It can be used to implement professional Windows 95 or custom look-and-feel user interfaces. Device drivers for VGA and SVGA/VESA graphics hardware are included.
  • RTUSB-32: Real-Time USB Host Protocol Stack
    RTUSB-32 is a Universal Serial Bus (USB) host protocol stack for embedded systems. It contains the core protocol stack, the required host controller device drivers, a low-level communication API and high-level class drivers.

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