On Time RTKernel for DOS

RTKernel is a powerful real-time multitasking system. It was designed for software developers who wish to implement professional process control applications on DOS computers or embedded systems. Special care has been taken to ensure easy usage and excellent run-time performance. RTKernel is compact (about 16k code, 6k data) and provides the programmer with the basic tools needed to develop efficient real-time software.

RTKernel is a library or unit you can link to your application program. It offers a number of functions and procedures to manage tasks, semaphores, mailboxes, interrupts, etc. All RTKernel-tasks normally run within a single program. An RTKernel-application consists of a single EXE-file containing the kernel, the required drivers, and all tasks. The EXE-file can be executed on any computer running DOS. Although an RTKernel application has real-time multitasking capabilities, it is a DOS program.


  • Unlimited number of tasks
  • Only about 500 bytes needed per task
  • Task-switch time of about 6 microseconds (33 Mhz 486)
  • Task-switch time independent of the number of tasks
  • 64 priorities
  • Cooperative and pre-emptive scheduling
  • Event/interrupt-driven scheduling
  • Task activations can be triggered by any hardware interrupt
  • Time-Slicing can be enabled or disabled
  • Changeable timer interrupt rate (0.1 to 55 ms)
  • Measurement of time intervals with 1 microsecond resolution
  • Support of math coprocessor/emulator
  • Binary, counting, and resource semaphores
  • Mailboxes (also known as message queues or pipes)
  • Message passing (synchronous data transfer)
  • Interrupt-driven driver for up to 36 serial ports
  • Support of the 16550 UART chip family’s FIFO buffer
  • Drivers for timer, screen, keyboard, printer, and IPX (Novell LANs)
  • Keyboard, hard disk, and floppy disk idle times usable by other tasks
  • No DOS reentrance problems
  • RTKernel applications can be made memory-resident (TSRs)
  • RTKernel applications can execute other DOS-programs using EXEC
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Special Debug Version to simplify software development
  • Supports CodeView and Turbo Debugger
  • Runs on any DOS computer
  • ROMable
  • Full source code available
  • No run-time royalties
  • English or German User’s Manual
  • Technical support available via Internet mailing list, email, or phone free of charge.

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