Oclarity is an AddIn for Rational Rose that offers comprehensive support for OCL.

With the help of the standardized Object Constraint Language OCL you can easily:

  • Create rich and precise UML models
  • Capture requirements efficiently
  • Improve the communication between you project members

Oclarity for Rational Rose offers comprehensive support for OCL. It provides everything for using OCL efficiently and productive in your Rational Rose models:

  • Seamless integration with Rational Rose.
  • Supports constraints, initialisation expressions, derivation rules and method body definitions.
  • Powerful editing capabilities with syntax highlighting, multi level undo/redo, search and replace and easily accessible code check.
  • Full syntactic and semantic checking according to the current OCL 2.0 specification.
  • Concise presentation of all expressions with easy navigation to errors.
  • OCL expressions can be attached to classes or added to notes in diagrams.

Adding OCL expressions to your models makes your models more precise and unambigous thus avoiding costly errors in later implementation phases. There is no better way to preserve precious domain knowledge collected by your business analysts than right in your model in a structured and standardized way.

It is possible, to export all OCL expressions to an XML file and to automatically apply an XSL style sheet to the generated XML file. This makes it easy to make the OCL expression available to all team members, even those that do not have Rational Rose available. In addition, your investment in adding OCL expressions to your models is protected since you can easily transfer all your OCL expressions to a new UML modeling tool.

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