Nucleus OSEK

Striving to save cost and development time in automotive applications, a consortium of German and French vehicle manufacturers defined the OSEK/VDX standard for distributed units in motor vehicles.

The interface defined by the OSEK real-time operating system standard is highly independent of the underlying hardware and makes it possible to be used on all microcontrollers employed by the automotive industry. By defining various conformance classes and different scheduling algorithms, the OSEK operating system is scalable, guaranteeing its efficient use on microcontrollers from 16 to 32-bit.

Nucleus OSEK is Accelerated Technology’s full-featured implementation of the OSEK/VDX operating system that is fully compliant with the latest OSEK specification version 2.2.1 Nucleus OSEK is primarily written in ANSI C, making it extremely portable. Implemented as a C library, only the portions of Nucleus OSEK that are used by the application are linked into the executable image and can be downloaded to the target or placed in ROM.

The Nucleus OSEK Configurator assists you in defining the OSEK objects that are to be included in your application. It translates your specification of those objects into the OSEK Implementation Language (OIL) format and then to a C file which is then compiled with the Nucleus OSEK operating system. It also helps you in scaling down your Nucleus OSEK operating system to use only those services that are exactly needed in an application thus reducing the memory requirements to a minimum.

Nucleus OSEK Features:

  • Full compliance with OSEK/VDX standard OS v2.2r1
  • Scalable, reliable, ROMable and cost-sensitive operating system
  • Low-level memory resource usage
  • Support of BCC1, BCC2, ECC1 and ECC2 conformance classes
  • Q ueued and unqueued message supported (CCCA and CCCB conformance class)
  • Formal OSEK/VDX certification

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