Nucleus C++

The power of C++ comes from its support for new ways of programming and thinking about programming problems. At Accelerated Technology®, we view this as being a significant breakthrough for the embedded industry. With C++, you can develop applications quickly by using the object-oriented programming method which encourages reuse. Accelerated Technology provides a complete set of efficient, ready-to-use components specifically designed for embedded applications.

Embedded device design teams are challenged with increasing product complexity and decreasing product lifecycles. In addition to providing core functions, many of today’s embedded devices require user interfaces, network connectivity and data storage — all accessible from the desktop.

Nucleus C++ is a real-time object-oriented embedded software family specifically designed for embedded systems. It includes software components and development tools that are portable across many embedded processor platforms. Successful teams utilize Nucleus C++ to deal with complexity and deliver efficient, quality products on time.

Nucleus C++ provides an object-oriented C++ interface into the various corresponding Nucleus “C” services. In general, Nucleus C++ supports you to use the C++ programming language. It also provides an extendable object-oriented application framework for developing end applications. You can take an existing Nucleus “C” application and link it into a Nucleus C++ application. This allows those that are new to object-orientation to migrate into C++ gradually.

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