Nucleus µiPLUS

Accelerated Technology’s source code, no-royalty policy has revolutionized the way developers select and use embedded off-the-shelf products. We are continuously looking for ways to increase your productivity and the use of our products. For instance, in Japan, the micro-ITRON specification is used by over 50 percent of embedded developers. We developed Nucleus µiPLUS to address this market and enable others in the international community to take advantage of this exciting and complete RTOS interface standard in conjunction with our royalty-free business model.

By porting our real-time kernel (Nucleus PLUS) to the µITRON interface standard, developers who have previously used the standard can freely move their legacy applications to any number of CPUs while gaining the benefits of a source code, no-royalty solution. As the µITRON interface standard proliferates throughout the world, you will be able to take advantage of its popularity in Japan thus taking advantage of the extensive amount of middleware available from developers there.

Those that use Nucleus µiPLUS will also have access to the complete, native Nucleus PLUS interface. This means that all of Accelerated Technology’s add-on products such as networking, graphics, file system and World Wide Web server are available immediately.

We believe that Nucleus µiPLUS is one of the truly portable embedded µITRON software solutions available on a wide variety of processors that includes the source code and where royalties are not charged for incremental product shipments. With a well-entrenched customer base in the U.S. and Europe, AT will be a catalyst for the adoption of the µITRON standard worldwide.

Nucleus µiPLUS Features:

  • Based on µITRON 4.0 standards profile
  • Supports a portion of the extended profile
  • High maintainability by providing source code
  • Royalty-free – suitable for high volume products
  • Application can use Nucleus PLUS functions and Nucleus µiPLUS functions
  • Wide variety of supported CPUs, debuggers, compilers, etc.
  • Supports numerous Nucleus components and middleware, including third party products

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