The ENHANCED Intel® SpeedStep® Technology allows automated different CPU performances and core voltages depending on your system source – like AC, battery and even according to the status of a battery.

JRex-PM with Intel Pentium M enables GHz performance powered applications with high integrated and unique up-to-date features like USB 2.0 and DDR-RAM.

The boards performance with a Pentium M CPU is enhanced by 400MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) and UDMA-100 EIDE, besides DDR-RAM-DIMM with ECC support.

Each JRex is a member of the 3.5″ SBC family. JRex modules are characterized by the same surface pinouts and interfaces for Reset, ATX feature, 2xUSB, FAST LAN, Keyboard/Mouse-socket, Compact-Flash, VGA and COM1. This family feature allows to reuse chassis and maximizes design re-use.

This JRex-PM hosts Intel Pentium M or Celeron M CPUs. A DDR-DIMM socket for up to 1 GByte (chipset support according to Intel) allows the use of standard desktop memory and full ATX power supply is as well a standard feature.

These homogeneous features facilitate easy upgrades within the JRex product family. Connection of displays is simplified when using the onboard standard JILI-Interface (JUMPtec® Intelligent LVDS Interface). JILI automatically recognizes which display is connected and independently sets all video parameters. All JRex are plug-and-work enabled to further reduce time-to-market.

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