The gold standard in real-time software for the x86 architecture, the iRMX III operating system has been proven in thousands of demanding real-time applications worldwide. Designed specifically to support x86 architecture 32-bit CPUs and associated chipsets, the iRMX III operating system is highly configurable from a small-footprint, kernel-only solution to a full-service, hard real-time operating system. iRMX configurations support PC and non-PC architectures, such as Multibus and Multibus II.

TenAsys is fully committed to supporting iRMX customers with updates and migration paths for iRMX applications. Migration options include new versions of iRMX III to support new hardware and software requirements, and new versions of iRMX for Windows and the INtime real-time extension for Windows to bring iRMX applications into a modern Windows environment.

iRMX for Windows gives you all the benefits of INtime, plus the iRMX real-time operating system, including complete independent I/O system. This is an excellent migration path to move existing iRMX applications to a Windows environment.

INtime extension to Windows combines deterministic, hard real-time control with any standard Windows operating systems without requiring additional hardware.

INtime remote nodes allows you to develop your real-time application on a Windows workstation, then separate the real-time and non-real-time applications to run distributed across one or more PC-compatible nodes.

New Features in Release 2.3

  • Nucleus Messaging Service: new subsystem to handle message passing between tasks, jobs, applications and systems
  • New TCP/IP stack, new Ethernet hardware support
  • Windows cross-development environment, including Soft-Scope for Windows Debugger, object browser, linked via TCP/IP or serial connection
  • Extended SCSI hardware support
  • Native PC peripheral driver support, including ATA and ATAPI (CD-ROM interfaces). Support for SCSI CD-ROM devices.

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