Fusion RTOS

The Fusion RTOS (Real time Operating System ) from Unicoi Systems is a Real Time OS designed and optimized for 16/32-bit networking and media-centric processors. It is priority based, preemptable, deterministic and protects against priority inversion.

The Fusion Real Time OS started in 1998 as DSP OS. It targeted media applications for DSPs. Since then it has evolved into a more general Real Time Operating System, yet it has maintained all of the strengths that made it successful for DSP applications. These strengths include small footprint, Objects for streaming data, Very low processor overhead, Stack sharing capabilities and fully integrated interrupt controls.

The latest Fusion Real Time Embedded Operating System now has many new capabilities.

  • Name Server
  • Modular Object design
  • Stack Sharing Capabilities
  • Task Profiling
  • Memory Statistics for all objects
  • Data and error logging
  • Command Line interface
  • Small footprint Standard C librar
  • Complete Interrupt control
  • Packet Management capabilities
  • I/O Manager

The Fusion Real Time OS is Deterministic, independent of the number of objects or tasks. Included is a Name server to name and use Fusion RTOS components as well as user created components.

The Fusion Real Time OS is XML Enabled and comes with the Fusion Embedded XML SAX Parser, which allows embedded devices to natively use XML and all the benefits that XML provides for data management.Also included with the Fusion RTOS is the small footprint, re-entrant, thread safe, integer based, POSIX style Fusion C Library.

The Fusion Driver Model I/O Manager and Fusion Shell command line debug tool are included as well.

The Fusion Real Time OS provides an extensive set of real time os services, including task control, task communications, task synchronization, packet management, memory management, interrupt control and time management.

Fusion RTOS is designed to allow you to quickly bring your products to market. It is easy to learn and use. It has been ported to a number of CISC, RISC and DSPs.

Real Time OS Supported Processors:

  • ARM 7/9
  • Analog Devices Blackfin
  • Motorola StarCore
  • Motorola DSP 56800
  • Motorola DSP 56800E
  • PowerPC

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