EUROS is a real-time operating system that takes into consideration the requirements in the embedded field by:

  • minimal memory requirements
  • short response times
  • flexible communication mechanisms
  • a large set of available drivers and protocol stacks

EUROS is suitable for nearly all common CPU architectures. The well-proven EUROS implementation is the basis for adaptation to any type of micro-controller. The modular and hardware independent design opens up a wide application range:

  • Embedded controllers
  • Boards systems
  • Automation devices
  • Personal computers

EUROS (Enhanced Universal Realtime Operating System) is a professional, multitasking capable operating system suitable to equip any devices.

The real time operating system EUROS…

  • can be used for a wide range of applications because of its modular and hardware-independent concepts
  • is characterized by short response times, robustness and flexibility
  • allows customization of the operating system
  • is ROMable
  • is a hardware-independent software platform. The base for EUROS versions for different microprocessors is a well-tested.
  • implementation in the C language
  • implements a powerful driver interface which operates on a hardware abstraction level allowing for the highest possible driver portability. A number of device drivers are available.
  • carries your application into the future: new developments of hardware are covered by the Microkernel. More powerful chip versions can be used while leaving the application unchanged.
  • hides hardware details from the software developer. EUROS initializes chips and supports interrupt handling. Access to hardware is performed by Port Drivers.
  • allows multitasking by utilizing the specific characteristics of a certain chip architecture.
  • runs on IBM-compatible PCs. The PC is used as a development system and as a test system. Applications can be developed and tested on the PC. Application development can start even before the actual target hardware is available.
  • allows access to the Internet. Remote monitoring and remote control can be realized with a HTTP server.
  • opens up the possibility of Java in real-time applications. With the virtual machine EUROSvm Java applications can be run directly from ROM or Flash memory.
  • EUROSvm is currently available as a pilot implementation on the PowerPC
  • is offered at a moderate price normally on buy-out basis. EUROS harmonizes the efforts aiming in establishing a uniform operating system.

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