EmbeddedPlus Simulation Toolkit for RSDP

Modern systems, from automobiles, consumer electronics, to network-centric defense systems are becoming more complex and increasingly contain larger proportions of software. Projects are turning to systems modeling based UML2 and SysML for assistance in managing the complexity of the systems.

While static models have proven themselves useful for managing complexity and improving stakeholder communication, the ability to dynamically simulate and execute those models provides another level of value and understanding of the system under construction. This in turn, decreases risk earlier in the program and ultimately saves time and money. In the same way that iterative and agile development with always executable applications helps software programmers, a similar approach with demonstrable dynamic models assists teams constructing large-scale systems.

EmbeddedPlus’ Simulation Toolkit is an add-in product to the IBM RSDP. It provides the ability to simulate and execute UML2 and SysML models created using Rational Software Modeler/Architect, Rational Systems Developer (RSD) and the EmbeddedPlus SysML Toolkit.

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