BlueCat Embedded Linux

BlueCat® Embedded Linux® from LynuxWorks,TM based on the 2.6 kernel, is an implementation of the Linux model enhanced for use in embedded systems ranging from small consumer-type devices to large-scale, multi-CPU systems.

BlueCat Linux delivers the flexibility and cost benefits of open-source software. It’s uniquely constructed to be a stable, commercial-grade embedded operating system release which provides immediate productivity and optimized performance through:

  • Packages that are tailored to your varying requirements for tools and technical support
  • A comprehensive set of tools and board support packages for developing, debugging and deploying Linux into embedded environments
  • 16 years of LynuxWorksTM expertise and experience in embedded operating systems, the UNIX® programming model, POSIX and more

Stepping into real-time with embedded Linux
The new 2.6 kernel at the heart of BlueCat Linux 5.0 is preemptible. Preemption points in the kernel allow you to suspend an executing process so that you can launch another, higher-priority process.

Linux 2.6 also features a rewritten scheduler that speeds up the process of selecting tasks for execution, which is of particular benefit to complex multitasking applications. Scheduling is now completed in a predictable amount of time.

These new features, together with improved POSIX threading support and new POSIX signals and timers, give your BlueCat Linux applications an improved level of real-time performance.

Another benefit is that applications written for BlueCat Linux can be migrated to the LynxOS® real-time operating system if you ever find that your Linux application requires stricter, hard real-time performance. Your Linux application code can run unmodified on LynxOS, and this protects you against high cost and time-to-market penalties if you need to switch operating system later.

What’s more, LynuxWorks development tools support both operating systems, so there are no new tools or development environments to purchase and no new learning curves. This value proposition is found nowhere else in the Linux and embedded-systems world.

Rapid time-to-market for embedded Linux
Tap into the growing talent pool of experienced Linux programmers. BlueCat Linux empowers developers to become immediately productive through tool chains and board support packages for the embedded industry’s widest range of processor architectures for Linux.

As a development platform, BlueCat Linux leads the industry. Our cutting-edge, cross-hosted development tools have grown out of our many years of experience and allow you to:

  • Configure kernel functions, size and file systems for exact requirements
  • Leverage advanced power-management facilities
  • Set up host-to-target communications and boot method (FLASH, disk, or network)
  • Leverage dozens of bundled and tested application components such as boot routines, web servers, application shells and demo programs

You get a familiar standards-based development environment with VisualLynuxTM, a plug-in which makes the popular Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET IDE available for LynxOS and BlueCat Linux development. After installation, developers skilled in C++/Visual Studio can proceed as usual, with the addition of all the commands and standard GNU tools they need to streamline the design and creation of applications targeted to run on LynxOS and BlueCat Linux.

Streamlined embedded-Linux debugging
Developers can also take advantage of the first dynamically instrumented system trace analyzer, SpyKerTM. Developed by LynuxWorks, the GUI-driven SpyKer removes the guesswork, labor, and time delays from event tracing so you can move higher quality products to market even more quickly. SpyKer allows developers to:

  • Understand what is executing in a system over time
  • Track down elusive application bugs
  • Fine-tune the performance of embedded systems

Demonstration configurations for embedded Linux
BlueCat Embedded Linux also includes demonstration configurations that are downloadable and bootable on the target system. These specially configured kernels and sample applications illustrate configuration options and provide developers a head start on using BlueCat Linux in their embedded applications. Many of these demonstration configurations are tailored to:

  • Specific commercial boards from major manufacturers
  • Development boards from CPU and system-on-chip (SOC) manufacturers

Embedded Linux with an edge
BlueCat Linux represents a single source for embedded Linux technology. While it has open-source roots, BlueCat Linux is designed to be inherently stable and is offered with the support to get your projects moving today.

To ensure that the needs of embedded environments are met without compromise, BlueCat Linux is subjected to the same rigorous ISO 9001:2000 test procedures that qualify the LynxOS real-time operating system. The end result is an embedded OS that is unique in the industry—open-source, yet version-stabilized and robust; royalty-free yet supportable over your embedded life cycle.

A solid base of support
The expertise that backs BlueCat Embedded Linux customers is also unique in the industry. No other vendor comes close to LynuxWorks’ decade and a half of experience in embedded operating systems based on the UNIX® model—the same model that defines Linux. LynuxWorks has supported millions of deployed targets and offers a range of support programs for periods of up to 15 years. You not only get fast answers, but you can count on them being based on careful, long-term analysis and proven success in implementing the Linux/UNIX paradigm.

All individual seats include priority support. Five-seat packages are also available with priority support, premium tools, and consulting services, to speed time-to-market.

BlueCat Linux 5.0 features:

  • 2.6 Linux kernel
  • gcc 3.2.2-based tool chain
  • Support for big and little-endian architectures
  • Comprehensive target support for XScale microarchitecture, PowerPC (including IBM 970) and AMCC 440, IA-32, ARM, MIPS, and x86 PC-compatibles
  • LynuxWorks-enhanced Linux cross-development environment for Linux or Windows host platforms
  • Developer solutions available with options for IDEs, SpyKer system trace tool, development tools, and a LynuxWorks support package
  • BusyBox
  • TinyLogin
  • Zebra routing protocol package and enhanced networking features
    • Network management agent
    • Network security
  • Embedded target tools
    • Footprint minimization and kernel configuration
    • Journaling file system
    • Watchdog timer
  • Enhanced GNU cross-development tools
    • gdb, and gcc
    • Multi-threaded debugger
    • Kernel debugging capabilities

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