Ardence RTX

RTX enhances Windows® universally adopted look and feel with features that give developers real-time determinism, better control, unmatched dependability and the ability to:

  • Reduce system costs by eliminating the need for customized or specialized hardware platforms
  • Improve reliability with support of standardized x86 HALs – HALx86 as well as PIC and APIC with ACPI
  • Speed the time to market through intuitive development tools that easily integrate into standard Windows® IDE
  • Create scalable and controllable applications with unlimited threads and up to 1000 processes
  • Increase performance through the smallest footprint in the market and sub-microsecond latency

While developers want the benefits of using Windows® XP, XPe and 2000 – all very powerful automation platforms – they often require a development and execution environment with traditional Real-Time Operating System features, including high performance, reliability and determinism. RTX provides these capabilities to a Windows® based system.

By offering a compliant Win32 API set, RTX application portability is simplified between various Windows® operating systems.

Development Tools and RTX Extensions

  • RT TCP/IP: High-performance TCP/IP networking for RTX applications.
  • RTX USB: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 support in the real-time environment.
  • RTX Application Wizard: Comprehensive configuration and management of RTX and real-time application development environment.
  • Object Viewer: In depth analysis tool for all real-time application and RTX processes, including threads, objects, interrupts, semaphores, mutexes and timers.
  • TimeView: A real-time timing tool for RTX developers.
  • Platform Evaluator: A software tool to document and characterize the real-time capabilities of a uniprocessor Windows® system with RTX installed.

Key Features

  • Common APIs for all Windows® operating systems (XPe, XP Pro and 2000)
  • RTX API’s allow direct access to physical memory and the I/O addressing space
  • RTX offers a choice of three configurable clocks with a minimum granularity of 100 microseconds
  • Uniprocessor and multi-processor hardware support
  • Deterministic memory management
  • Comprehensive development and integration tools using well-known and standard Windows® IDE
  • Smallest operating footprint, less than 250K
  • Choice of Round Robin or Preemptive Schedulers, assignable on a per thread basis
  • Priority inversion deadlock avoidance with promotion
  • Real-time HAL extender for interrupt isolation, fast timers, and kernel STOP interception
  • Real-time TCP/IP stack
  • USB SDK with USB 1.1/2.0 host and client support
  • Hyper-Threading support
  • Physical Address Extension (PAE) support
  • Device Driver Wizard – framework for rapid development of RTX device drivers
  • Support for up to 1000 processes, each supporting unlimited threads

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