AllFusion Component Modeler

Visualizing a business with an architectural blueprint dramatically improves communication between its development team and the user community. AllFusion Component Modeler enables organizations to easily create blueprints by providing 100% support for all levels of compliance to the UML standards.

Whether modifying and integrating existing applications or creating new solutions, AllFusion Component Modeler enables organization to:

  • Reduce time to market by allowing developers to design and specify component interfaces for integrating heterogeneous and legacy components or systems into new eBusiness development projects.
  • Significantly increase productivity by enabling developers to reuse business models, architectures, interfaces, code and processes based on patterns. Developers can share expertise and re-use components to eliminate redundant development efforts.
  • Improve team development by providing check-in and check-out capabilities, together with the “Complete Compare” technology, which automates model-to-model and model-to-code synchronization.
  • Protect investments in existing applications by allowing developers to reverse engineer the code. Application models are automatically created, enabling developers to visualize the design, document it, identify reusable components and re-architect the application as necessary.

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