WRAP THOR 2022-1-B2B Board to Board Module

WRAP THOR B2B module offers a straight forward way of integrating Bluetooth functionality into devices. It contains integrated antenna, regulator and a board to board connector so the actual integration is only a matter of snapping the module in place.

The product is Bluetooth certified to product category meaning that no additional Bluetooth certification is needed at all (significant savings in time-to market and product certification costs).

WRAP THOR B2B Module is pre-installed with full Bluetooth software so the developer does not have to be involved in any of the module and Bluetooth related issues. With Bluegiga iWRAP ASCII based Interface the host system can instantly start taking advantage of the Bluetooth with easy commands and no Bluetooth specific software has to be installed.

The product supports two different designs:

  • Module integration to systems with a host processor using Bluegiga iWRAP ASCII Interface over UART interface
  • Integration with host-porcessor over the HCI interface (UART or USB)

Key features

  • Totally Plug and play Bluetooth module
  • No Bluetooth design skills needed
  • Bluetooth® 1.1 and 1.2 compliant
  • 100 meter range (up to 200 meters when line of sight)
  • iWRAP ASCII based Interface firmware pre-installed
  • Integrated antenna
  • Small power consumption (park, sniff, hold, deep-sleep)
  • Full industrial temperature range -40 to +85 Celsius
  • Compact size: 40 x 20 mm
  • Bluetooth, CE and FCC certified

By using Bluegiga WRAP THOR Modules, Bluegiga world-class Radio Frequency laboratory and Bluetooth support, OEMs ensure that products reach the market cost-effectively in relation to time and resources. Bluegiga develops in-house Bluetooth protocol stacks and module hardware enabling a single point of contact for all Bluetooth-related activities.

Applications for WRAP THOR 2022-1-B2B Module

  • Cable replacement Between Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Cable replacement for up to 21 Bluetooth devices when using Bluegiga’s WRAP Access Servers as a router
  • Point-of-sales systems (Barcode readers and pay terminals)
  • Telemetry and machine-to-machine interfaces
  • Logistics and transportation systems and fleet management
  • Automotive inspection and measurement systems
  • Medical systems
  • Industrial PCs and Laptops
  • RS232 Cable Replacers

Available Firmware / Software for WRAP THOR Modules

  • iWRAPTM – easy-to-use ASCII command Interface and API for accessing the Bluetooth Serial port (master and slave) functionality from a host system and the configuration of Bluetooth parameters – no Bluetooth design skills required
  • HCI Firmware available for UART and USB Interfaces
  • Headset, Handsfree, and Audio Gateway firmware available for a PCM Interface
  • Possible use of custom firmware and firmware modifications
  • 128-bit Bluetooth encryption available for all firmware options

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